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Martin Luther King, Jr.
1929 ~ 1968
Minister, Civil Rights Leader

Birth: January 15, 1929 ~ Atlanta, Georgia 
Birthname: Michael Luther King, Jr.
                He was renamed Martin when about 6 years old.
Death: April 4, 1968 ~ Memphis, Tennessee

Martin Luther King Jr. led a very extraordinary life. He graduated from high school when only 15 years old, and went on to become a National Civil Rights Leader and, ultimately, a martyr. To discover more about the man, follow the links...
and, oh yes - once a martyr, always  a martyr.

* ML King Jr. courtesy of (NobelPrize Org.)
* Martin L. King courtesy of (Seattle Times)

* Ralph Abernathy - Minister ~  1926-1990
* Fred Shuttlesworth - Minister ~  1922- 

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