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Eleanor Roosevelt
1884 ~ 1962
First Lady, Franklin Delano Roosevelt
32nd President of the United States of America

Birth: October 11, 1884 ~ New York, New York 
Death: November 7, 1962 ~ Hyde Park, New York

Eleanor Roosevelt was the Fist Lady to the 32nd President of the United States (Franklin Delano Roosevelt). As such, she received due attention. But Eleanor was much more than a 'First Lady'. Have you ever wanted someone on your side, to help fight your battles? Ever want someone who could understand your point of view, and support you in arguements you wish you could put forward? Eleanor Roosevelt had a way of doing just that, for everyone, the world over. Read about her life and times in the links provided...
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* Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 32nd President of USA ~  1882-1945
* John Fitzgerald Kennedy - 35th President of USA ~  1917-1963

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