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George Corley Wallace
1919 ~ 1998
Governor, Sate of Alabama, USA

Birth: August 25, 1919 ~ Clio, Alabama 
Death: September 13, 1998 ~ Montgomery, Alabama

George Wallace was a four-time governor of Alabama and four-time candidate for president of the United States. He became known as the embodiment of resistance to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. To say that he was confrontational would be a gross understatement!

In 1982, he ran for governor a fourth time. In a watershed moment, he admitted that he had been wrong about "race" all along. He was elected by a coalition represented by blacks, organized labor and forces seeking to advance public education. In that race, he carried all 10 of the state's counties with a majority black population, nine of them by a better than two-to-one margin. He retired four years later, an increasingly remote and physically tormented man.

Wallace said at the time "We thought [segregation] was in the best interests of all concerned. We were mistaken," he told a black group in 1982. "The Old South is gone," but "the New South is still opposed to government regulation of our lives".
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