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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1882 ~ 1945
32nd President of the United States of America

Birth: January 30, 1882 ~ Hyde Park, New York 
Death: April 12, 1945   ~ Warm Springs, Georgia
Buried:                        ~ Hyde Park, New York

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was so popular he was elected 4 times as President of the United States! It was because of his tenure that the Constitution was amended to limit a President to two terms. Did you know that?

And did you know that he was elected in spite of his having polio? Being "popular" takes on new meaning, when considering the charisma FDR enjoyed. One of the more endearing aspects of his Presidency was his 'Fireside Chats', where he talked weekly on the radio, sharing concerns and events and the considerations he was making regarding the very people he addressed over the airwaves. It isn't hard to see what made him 'popular', or why he was re-elected so many times...
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