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Working to discover the genealogy of the Benjamin Orames family, some information was received several years ago from Barry Jones (The Honourable Barry Jones, AC FAA FAHA FACE FRSA - Australia Minister for Science). This page represents a summary of what was shared then, and some additional documents which have surfaced are portrayed here as well. Clicking on the thumbnails will reveal the larger document or picture.

If you have questions I will be happy to try and get an answer for you. Although I am responsible for the creation of these pages, the content has survived due to the safekeeping of my parents Frank Moss and Ruth Moss (nee Orames), and David Orames. They are the ones who deserve the round of applause... John B. Moss

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Barry Jones' Letters:
    First letter to Ruth Moss (nee Orames)

    Second letter to Ruth Moss

    Chart sent to Ruth Moss (modified, penciled changes)

    Chart mofified - 6/28/2004
   Comments re: Marion McConnon: 12/22/2013

    James Black // Marion McConnon   ~   Marriage Certificate

    Benjamin Orames // Abbie Vida Black   ~   Marriage Certificate

Request for Permission, Wedding Invitations: Gil, Thirza ('Tess'), Ruth
    Benjamin Orames (23 January 1902) requests sanction to Engage Abbie Vida Black

    Gilbert Orames   ~   Wedding Invitation

    Thirza Orames   ~   Wedding Invitation

    Ruth Orames   ~   Wedding Invitation

    Eric and Thirza Kingham's Children (Circa 1946)
    Margaret, Ross, Joy

    Orames Family (Circa 1946) (Photo credit: David Orames)
Back: Margaret and Thirza Kingham, Commissioner Benjamin Orames, Gil Orames,
           Mrs. Commissioner Orames (Hilda), Joy Kingham
Front: David and Valmae Orames, Ross Kingham

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