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Online Memorial Garden
About   Us

    Let us help you create a Memorial Page to commemorate a Loved One. Describe someone in this Online Memorial Garden and present your memory of that person vividly. A picture, a significant event, how this person affected your life, what was it about them that should never be forgotten; all this and more can make your memories live again.

    The person you wish to remember does not have to be a relative ~ you can honor the memory of someone you admire who otherwise may not be given the recognition they deserve (a sports hero, a politician, a scientist, an actor or artist or author or ?).   Anytime you wish, you can view the Remembrance Page and affirm he or she is not forgotten. Of course, your friends would enjoy seeing this shrine; simply share the bookmark of the Rembrance Page with them.

  • Background

  • Charitable Connections

  • Background

    What is the basis for the support group behind Ever and Forever?
    The staff of Ever and Forever represents many years of experience in web authoring and computer programming. Using basic HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS), this site presents a User-Friendly and technically competent Online experience.

    What is the motivation behind the creation of this site?
    The pages seen at   Ever and Forever   present a graphic memory of someone loved and honored. Our mission results from a commitment to provide the finest Honorarium location to be found anywhere on the web.

    Not only is each Remembrance Page striking in casual simplicity, the ability to go from Point of Remembrance (Remembrance Page) to adjoining Point of Remembrance permits discovering the real-time permanent relationship between the 'resting places' of all who share in the Online Memorial Garden, just as you would expect in any physical memorial site.   How?

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    Charitable Connections

    What is the purpose of an 'Optional Charitable Link'?
    Links have been provided to well known organizations to facilitate your donation. If you don't find the organization of your choice we will be happy to help you make contact.   Although a donation is never a requirement for visiting these pages, we include convenient links for you in case you do have that urge.

    Icons such as those seen below can be requested for your own 'Page of Remembrance'. If a charitable organization has a web presence, and authorizes use of their link, it will be placed on your page free of charge at your request.

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    Things can always be improved ~   your ideas count!