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Online Memorial Garden

Available   Services

The Online Memorial Garden provides the following:

  • Basic Plan

  • Gift Certificates

  • Link to Ever and Forever

  • Basic Plan

    What does the 'Basic Plan' contain?
    This offering includes a picture, a comprehensive 500-word biography (including when and where born, when and where deceased, other pertinent information), an optional link to a Condolences Page, and an optional link to the charity of your choice. When first gathering this information you might consider:

    • An Epitaph (something that might be found on the tombstone)
    • Education ~ where, what interests, what achievements
    • Accomplishments ~ milestones and highlights, achievements
    • Writings ~ poetry? Significant letters?
    • Web sites ~ anything anywhere that may provide significant reference
    Sometimes these things rise to our awareness as an after thought. Once this Remembrance Page has been created, additions are possible. And someone other than the creator of the Page may see and wish to contribute additional material. These options may be reviewed in the Price Guide. Note that condolences, though optional, can only be added after being approved by the Remembrance Page creator (you, if requesting a Plan to build a Remembrance Page).

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    Gift Certificates

    What is a 'Gift Certificate'?
    When death occurs, friends and relatives are often too overcome at the moment to consider the importance, later, of remembering to gather important information now. A Gift Certificate from Ever and Forever enables that person to consider the need, gather the information while it is immediately available, then later, at their convenience, present this material for creating the Remembrance Page commemorating their loved one.

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    Do you wish a Link to your Home Page?
    Funeral homes and newspapers prepare the information necessary for commemoration. They can provide such information to Ever and Forever, as well as acquire a link to their business from Ever and Forever. Have your mortician arrange to make this information available to Ever and Forever.

    Please eMail us for details.

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