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Name                         Born Died Location                        
Albrecht, Theon Isabelle 1927 2013 Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Allen, Steve 1921 2000 Los Angeles, California
Campbell, Jayne Moseley Hazleton 1937 2003 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Carver, George Washinton 1860 1943 Diamond Grove, Missouri
Cash, J.R. ('Johnny') 1932 2003 Nashville, Tennessee
Churchill, Sir Winston 1874 1965 Blenheim Palace, England
Dean, James 1931 1955 Marion, Indiana
Darwin, Charles Robert 1809 1882 Westminster Abbey, England
Descartes, Rene 1596 1650 Stockholm, Sweden
Edison, Thomas Alva 1847 1931 Glenmont, New Jersey
Emerson, Ralph Waldo 1803 1882 Concord, Massachusetts

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