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Online Memorial Garden



Epitaph ~ (Optional)
This is a short statement, usually seen on a gravestone.

Specifics ~ e.g., Name(s), Dates ~ (Required)
This information will appear centered near the top of the page, and is (usually) First, Middle and Last Name under which would be found date of birth (DOB) and date of death (DOD).

Biography ~ (Optional)
A short summary of the person's life, sharing pertinent details and accomplishments. This will be placed in a format consistent with the page layout for that person.

Condolences ~ (Optional)
When someone wishes to place a public Condolence on the site (optional, when specifically approved by the Rembrance Page Originator (you)),  this is limited to no more than 100 words. A person submitting a condolence may choose to include his/her name. Note that this option is the ONLY manner in which a name will be used anywhere on this entire site..

Picture ~ (Optional)
A view encompassing the head and shoulders of the person being remembered, full to 3/4 face, facing the viewer. May be a painting or a photograph. Size limited to no more than 400 pixels height and/or width, no less than 150 pixels height and/or width. More than one (1) picture per subject is permitted, however the pictures will be placed on a separate (linked) page and all must conform to the facial view and size limitations. Individuals other than the subject are not permitted unless a) they are also deceased or b) Ever and Forever has a release indicating permission of the so disclosed individual to be included. In some cases the estate of a deceased person has rights of disclosure, and if this is determined to be the case a release from the estate will be required before including the likeness of said person.

Links ~ (Optional) See example icons below
If desired, a link to a recognized public charity (e.g., City of Hope, Susan G. Komen Breast Center, or other charity of your choice) will be placed under the subject. The icon for referencing this charity must be available on the web, and the charity must have a page authorizing and set up to handle donations. In order for a link to be established in this manner the referenced charity must give permission to be so referenced.

(Guidelines in effect as of February 4, 2004)
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